M.A.S. Electronics
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Your Network and Internet Sharing Solution Company




M.A.S. Electronics has been in business since 1984. Started as a small company repairing and servicing Video, Audio and Computer Equipment. Since then M.A.S. Electronics has grown into a larger company, being employed by some of the largest corporations and municipalities in the Greater Springfield area.  Like  AT&T Broadband, Digital Corp. and Springfield Public Schools to name a few.


M.A.S.  Electronics has the ability to come to your home or business and survey, design and install a network. So that you will have the ability to share a single Internet connection and producing a internal network in your home or office sharing files and hardware between computers with great ease.


Once the system is in your home you will always have the support for expansion as your needs grow.  A local company that is only a phone call or email away will do this support.

So give us a call or email us and we will answer any questions you might have or setup a time so that we make take a look at your home or business and discuss what your needs are.